The Payments Report

Want a view of the entire payments landscape?
Examine emerging trends within payment card usage—including debit, prepaid, ACH, and more.

The Payments Report is a unique, syndicated market research product that provides payment card industry insight through examination of consumer behavior and trends on a quarterly basis. The study is conducted among 800 US payment cardholders and examines how debit cards are used in relation to credit cards, private-label cards, and other forms of payment, as well as additional financial products.

Payment Insights publishes three other syndicated publications:
Cardbeat (US), Cardbeat (UK), and Mobile Pay Tracker.

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Recent Topics

Security vs. Convenience
Banking, Payment Behavior, Decoupled Debit
New Services & Products
Customer Engagement
Relationship Management

Attrition for Checking & Debit Cards
Acquisition, Activation, Attrition, Dormancy
Customer Service
Direct Banking
Use of Prepaid Cards

Signature vs. PIN
Identity Theft
Social Media and Technology
Checking Accounts

Core Metrics

Card Ownership (Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Store)
Most Frequently Used Debit Card Tenure
Debit Card ATM Usage
Frequency of Debit Card Usage

Payment Types & Monthly Spend
Most Frequently Used Payment Method
Agreement with Statements About Debit Cards
Recency and Frequency of Bank Interaction

Checking & Debit Card Fees
EMV Cards
Mobile Banking & Payments