Mobile Pay Tracker

Is the future of payments mobile? This study examines the mobile payments landscape, covering the three main Pays. Mobile Pay Tracker is designed to examine the consumer behaviors and trends impacting mobile payments, specifically, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. The quarterly publication surveys about 1,500 Mobile Pay eligible participants roughly evenly divided between the big three Pays, repeating a majority of the metrics for tracking purposes. Up to 25% of the survey questions can be customized each quarter, however, to reflect changes in the marketplace. Payment Insights publishes three other syndicated publications: Cardbeat (US), Cardbeat (UK), and The Payments Report. Contact Payment Insights to learn more.

Trended Metrics

How many are using mobile payments and who are they?

  • Apple vs. Android vs. Samsung
  • Users vs. Non-Users
  • Trial & Repeat Usage

How and where are they using mobile payments?

  • Purchase Channels
  • In-Store Purchases
  • In-App Purchases

Why are mobile payments used and how do users rate the experience?

  • Appeal of Mobile Pay
  • Barriers to Mobile Pay
  • Satisfaction with Mobile Pay

What is the potential for mobile payments?

  • Impact on Merchant Selection
  • Factors Increasing Usage
  • Barriers to Usage

How are they paying?

  • Provisioning
  • Default Cards
  • Card Rotation
  • Point of Sale Behavior