Cardbeat® US

How are your customers using your credit cards?
Learn about consumer behaviors, gaining insights that help drive business decisions.

Cardbeat (US) is a syndicated market research product that provides insights into how changing consumer behaviors and trends are impacting the credit card industry.  This comprehensive, bi-monthly study of 800 US credit cardholders focuses on timely issues while monitoring key trends. Our flexible research platform allows subscribers to suggest relevant topics, creating issues truly designed with subscribers in mind. The publication looks specifically at credit cards as a product, examining how they are used in relation to debit cards and other forms of payment, as well as additional financial products.  Payment industry experts design surveys and analyze the data generated  to produce this robust report.

Payment Insights publishes three other syndicated publications:
Cardbeat (UK)The Payments Report, and Mobile Pay Tracker.

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Recent Topics

Rewards Cards
Trust, Loyalty, and Reputation
Control, Cues, and Social Norms
Payment Choices & Revolver Activity
EMV Communications

Recurring Payments
Mobile Banking
Impact of Fuel Prices on Consumer Spending
Private Label Card Ownership
Account Security

Credit Card Fraud
Card Reissuance
Attrition and Dormancy
Holiday Spending
Store & Retail Co-Brand Cards

Core Metrics

Cards Held (Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Store, ATM)
Rewards Cards (General vs. Co-Brand)
EMV Cards Held
Revolving Credit
Tenure & Annual Fee Penetration

Credit Card Usage
Solicitation Activity
Card Acquisition
Balance Transfer Activity
Card Inactivityy and Attrition

Most Frequently Used Card
Familiarity, Usage, Interest in Mobile Payments
Familiarity, Usage, Interest in P2P Payments