Cardbeat UK

Want to know about UK credit cardholders?
Learn about their attitudes and behaviors regarding payments-related issues.

Cardbeat (UK) is a syndicated market research product that provides insights into how changing consumer behaviors and trends are impacting the credit card industry in the UK. Conducted tri-annually, each issue of this study of 800 UK credit cardholders focuses on a unique topic, sourced through subscriber input. Similar to its US counterpart, Cardbeat UK also monitors key trends, focusing specifically on credit cards as a product, while also examining other forms of payments and financial products. Our payments experts design surveys in collaboration with subscribers and analyze survey results to create these reports. Subscribers are encouraged to suggest sub-groups for further examination.

Payment Insights publishes three other syndicated publications:
Cardbeat (US), The Payments Report, and Mobile Pay Tracker.

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Recent Topics

Revolving & Borrowing
Contactless vs. Mobile Payments
Interchange Reduction & Reward Programme Dilution
Use of Credit
Annual Fee Trade-Offs

Attrition & Dormancy
Acquirers & Prospects
Cardholder Information & Control
Digital Engagement
Auxiliary Products

Borrowing Habits
Social Media
Co-Brand Cards
Online Shopping Behaviours
Impact of Regulation

Core Metrics

Cards Held (Credit, Debit, Prepaid, Store, ATM)
EMV Cards Held
Rewards Cards (General vs. Co-brand)
Revolving Credit

Tenure & Annual Fee Penetration
Credit Card Usage
Card Acquisition
Balance Transfer Activity

Card Inactivity and Attrition
Most Frequently Used Card
Familiarity, Usage, Interest in Mobile Payments
Familiarity, Usage, Interest in P2P Payments