Corporate Finance

Helping You Manage Your Capital

Buying Assets, Selling Assets, Valuing Assets

The Corporate Finance practice is a recognized, third party valuation agent for consumer loan portfolios with a specialization in credit cards.  We help our clients buy assets, sell assets, and value assets.  But perhaps more importantly,  we help our clients think about the strategic rationale for capital deployment and help place that in the context of ever changing accounting and regulatory capital considerations.

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  • Buying Assets
  • Selling Assets
  • Valuing Assets
  • Financial Advisory

Capital is the Heart of Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance practice is premised upon providing insightful financial advice and strategies for our clients.  Our clients come to us with business challenges – How can I grow my portfolio?  How can I optimize my capital allocation?  What financial structures can best support my co-brand efforts?  What tools are available to help shed credit risk?  How do the latest accounting or regulatory rules impact my business? Can my business survive a regulatory “stress test?”  How feasible is my new portfolio product? The Corporate Finance practice brings deep financial expertise to help our clients answer these and other relevant questions.

The Corporate Finance practice customarily engages in the following type of assignments

> Asset Sales/Purchases
> Portfolio Valuations
> Business Valuations
> Financial Modeling
> Capital Markets Advisory
> Regulatory Capital
> Market Data and Insights

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