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Annually on Best
Practices and Performance

Network of Over
700 Companies

Spans C-level to
Functional Manager

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to Consumers

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Real World

As Industry Practitioners

~200 Transactions

In Partnerships or
Corporate Finance as
either Buyer or Seller

Auriemma Consulting Group is one of the most recognized and respected niche providers of advisory consulting services to the Payments and Lending industries. We offer a full range of management consulting services that cover Partnerships, Corporate Finance, Operations, and Payment Insights.

Through benchmarking, meetings, networking, advisory services and other value-added activities, Auriemma manages roundtables where companies and lenders can compare and contrast business practices, benchmark performance and vet out internal and external concerns among its members. Auriemma provides over 25 Forums in North American and the United Kingdom that span multiple verticals including credit card, auto finance, mortgage, retail banking and brokerage services.

We help our clients improve profitability, explore new markets, build winning partnerships and understand their customer needs. We do so in a highly collaborative fashion that offers specialized expertise and deep experience in an open atmosphere imbued with the highest concern for client confidentiality. Auriemma provides top tier consulting with a boutique firm flavor.

An international firm that has delivered projects on six continents, Auriemma specializes in bringing universal Payments and Lending best practices to clients around the world.

Founded in 1984 as a sole practitioner, Auriemma has grown into a diversified firm of 45+ employees with offices in New York and London.

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