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Auriemma Consulting Group Releases Retailer Payment Choices Study

September 29, 2016

(New York, NY) How do payment choices impact shopping behavior? Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) answered this and other burning retailer questions in a recent study titled “Retailer-Branded Payment Products: Co-Brand and Private Label Credit Cards.” The study of 800 credit cardholders, fielded in June 2016, compares the two payment options, and the cardholders who use them, answering questions about co-brand and private label credit card ownership, acquisition, usage, features, preferences, and security. “We are excited to use our payments expertise to better service retailers’ research needs,” says Marianne Berry, Managing Director of Payment Insights at ACG.

Those interested in learning more about the study, or purchasing a copy, can contact Marianne Berry at (212) 323-7000 or

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