Industry Roundtables

A platform for top companies to exchange information and data, compare practices, and discuss industry issues.

  • Credit Card

  • Auto Finance

  • Consumer Banking

  • Mortgage

  • Wealth Management

  • Multi-Vertical

  • Merchants

Advisory Services

Improve profitability, explore new markets, build winning partnerships, conclude successful transactions, and understand customer needs.

  • Partnerships

    Plan, build, manage, and improve your card programs and payments partnerships.

  • Corporate Finance

    Optimize the capital you deploy in your business, value acquisitions, or divestitures.

  • Operations

    Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your internal organization and processes.

Payment Insights

Auriemma's Payment Insights practice delivers actionable data, providing market intelligence that can help businesses move forward.

  • Research Publications

    Learn from consumer research designed and analyzed by payments industry experts.

  • Custom Research

    Collaborate with Auriemma to create custom surveys that suit specific needs, including coverage of more niche audiences.